Hanstholm Fish Market

Hanstholm Fish Auction is Denmark's largest and it has an annual turnover of approximately 500 million Danish Kroner! I have been to a few fish auctions all over the world, and this is a really big and well organized one. And strangely enough it didn't smell a lot of fish. So they handle up to 450 tons … Fortsätt läsa Hanstholm Fish Market

Thorupstrand at Jutland

Sustainable fishing is there any thing like that? I learned a lot during a visit to Thorupstrand at the Danish West Coast. Things I never thought about very much before. Like the importance of sustainable fishing, the way they fish here is close to the most original way to fishing there is. It is way … Fortsätt läsa Thorupstrand at Jutland

Tirpitz Museum

One of the best museums I ever been too! When I heard that we were going to visit a Danish War Museum I was not impressed. But I'd love to be surprised and so I was. Thanks Mette and Colin!! The bunker was built during the second world war but it was never finished as … Fortsätt läsa Tirpitz Museum