Magisk middag på Twins Garden i Moskva-Magic dinner at Twins Garden in Moscow

(english down below) Att äta på Twins Garden I Moskva handlar om så mycket mer än mat. Detta är en fantastisk upplevelse utöver det vanliga, och på en helt annan nivå än de flesta andra restaurangerna i världen! Vem är dom? Ivan och Sergey Berezutskiy är identiska tvillingar, och det är grymt svårt att se … Fortsätt läsa Magisk middag på Twins Garden i Moskva-Magic dinner at Twins Garden in Moscow

Celebrating Chinese New Year

I had the honor to get invited to this years New Years Celebration at Grand Hotel in Stockholm by the Chinese Embassy. I dressed up with a touch of red and entered with my friend Mr Baijiu (Ludde). Mr Baijiu is not his name, but he is the number one importer of Baijiu in Sweden, … Fortsätt läsa Celebrating Chinese New Year

Finlands Independence Day

I had the great honour to be invited to the Finnish Embassador Liisa Talonpoika's beautiful residence to celebrate Finland's Independence Day. There were champagne, both with and without alcohol. And a lot of nice food like Karelian pie's that is sold everywhere in Finland. They are made with rye dough and stuffed with rice porridge. … Fortsätt läsa Finlands Independence Day

Chen Xiang Temple in Shanghai

This peaceful little monastery located in the western part of the old city of Shanghai is one of my favourite places to visit. It is famous for its Eaglewood statue of Guan Yin Bodhisattva, and it was first built for more than 400 years ago by emperor Wanly! In 1600 Pan Yunduan the owner of … Fortsätt läsa Chen Xiang Temple in Shanghai

Moscow by night

After a great dinner at Twins Gardens we took of for some night sightseeing at 1 am. You could think that is a bit stupid, but it was a really brilliant idea as the streets were very empty. And everything is always most beutiful in the evenings! So obviously we had to see the Red … Fortsätt läsa Moscow by night


My love, My Shanghai...I am fortunate to have lived in this fantastic city twice. It was not easy when I moved into a big old 5 storey lane house in 2002, from a tiny apartment in Stockholm. We lived in an area where there were no foreigners, and my chinese was very poor! I remember … Fortsätt läsa Shanghai

Strandingmuseum St George

A museum that is telling you everything about the shipwrecks at the coast of West Jutland, and the stories around it at land. The anchor above was cast from St George to avoid propulsion towards the Danish West Coast a Christmas Eve morning 1811. But it didn't work as the anchor cables snapped and the … Fortsätt läsa Strandingmuseum St George

Vedersø Klit Badehotel

Located just 200 meters from the beach in Ulfsborg the hotel coulden't have a better location. The Danish West Coast is totally magic, and it is nice to stay so close. The hotel was built in 1927 by Thorvald Nygarrd, an American Dane. It was called Hotel Seattle the first years as Thorvaldsen had spent … Fortsätt läsa Vedersø Klit Badehotel

Henne Mølle Å Badehotel

Located by one of Denmark's most fantastic beaches, Henne Beach. The hotel is hidden up in the dunes, located just a short walk from the sea. When you get here you feel the air from the sea. It is so fresh! I just left my things at my room and runned down to the beach … Fortsätt läsa Henne Mølle Å Badehotel

Relais Louis XI

This is where I always stay when I'm in Meung-Sur-Loire. Located just by the river, so it has a hard to beat view! I only had breakfast as I'm always eating dinner at my friends house when I am visiting. But I would guess that the dinner is good too. The breakfast has everything you … Fortsätt läsa Relais Louis XI

Stockholm’s best terrace?

Nyrenoverade Mosebacketerrasen på  Södra Teatern har en av Stockholms absolut bästa uteserveringar!1500 personer får plats och de har både mat, dryck och konserter! Vyn är helt oslagbar, och att hänga här en sommarkväll är så skönt! De serverar även fika här om du hellre vill ha det. De serverar en Punkgryta som de har både … Fortsätt läsa Stockholm’s best terrace?

Novi Resort Visby

27 grader i poolen! Det tar bara 5 minuter med taxi från Visby Airport eller 10 minuter från båten till hotellet! Man kan låna cyklar, och med den tar man sig in till Visby på 10 minuter! Här kan man hyra in sig i en lägenhet, eller köpa den. Så det är både hotell och … Fortsätt läsa Novi Resort Visby

Strandhotellet i Blokhus

The Beach Hotel in the little seaside town offers both a fantastic beach by Vesterhavet, and a great hotel with a fantastic Sunday brunch. It's hard to believe that the hotel just opened in 2017! The hotel was built in an old traditional classic Danish bath hotel style. And you have wooden panels, nice classic … Fortsätt läsa Strandhotellet i Blokhus

Dinner at Brygghuset in Fiskebäckskil

After a fantastic day I went to have some food. The food at Brygghuset in Fiskebäckskil is great. They are obviously as they are located by the sea serving really fresh seafood.  As a starter we had a scallop with some truffle butter sauce, smoked pork and fried carrot. And then a steamed bap bun … Fortsätt läsa Dinner at Brygghuset in Fiskebäckskil

Scandinavian Detours

I went on a trip to Fiskebäckskil and checked in at Slipens Hotel. After a coffee I jumped on a boat with the fisherman Björn to go to the island Flatholmen for a Talisker lunch. It is a trip arranged by Brygghuset and Talisker, Scandinavian Detours. You can experience it yourself June 28-29th or August … Fortsätt läsa Scandinavian Detours

Breakfast by the locals

Breakfast buffet at Hotel Kung Carl in Stockholm. They are sourcing nearly everything locally for their delicious breakfast. And the the beauty with it is that every Best Western Hotel is having their own local delicacies at their breakfasts table. A theme called ”Meet the Locals". So at their breakfast buffet I had cheese on … Fortsätt läsa Breakfast by the locals