Henne Mølle Å Badehotel

Located by one of Denmark’s most fantastic beaches, Henne Beach. The hotel is hidden up in the dunes, located just a short walk from the sea. When you get here you feel the air from the sea. It is so fresh! I just left my things at my room and runned down to the beach to have a look. The hotel is offering both fantastic surroundings as a great kitchen. The hotel was designed by Poul Henningsen in the 1930s. But it all started with that Othilia Thorup fell in love with the area. Her sister Thekla Thorup who worked at Nørrebro Theater knew Poul Henningsen, and she agreed to run the hotel. Funny fact, that when Poul opened up the hotel in 1936 there where no electricity in the rooms. So his famous lamps could not be used at that time. But today you find the beautiful lamps all over the hotel. The rooms are spacious enough for a family as there is beds on the top floor too. They all have a small fridge where you can keep your picnic for the beach.

Unfortunately I picked a very windy and cold day to stay. But I like to take a stroll at the beach in rough weather so it was ni problem. The beach is amazing, it is 2,7 kilometres long and it is very wide. The water is nice and clean and it is declared top quality by the authorities! But be aware of the currents!

Hej, tack för att du läste! /Malin