Vedersø Klit Badehotel

Located just 200 meters from the beach in Ulfsborg the hotel coulden’t have a better location. The Danish West Coast is totally magic, and it is nice to stay so close.

The hotel was built in 1927 by Thorvald Nygarrd, an American Dane. It was called Hotel Seattle the first years as Thorvaldsen had spent some years there, but in 1934 the Larsen took over the place and changed the name to Vedersø Klit Bath Hotel. During the last years several people has been running the place until 2018 when the brothers Oliver and Nick Mogensen was taking over the place. They went from running a street food place together in Aarhus to run a hotel and restaurant. Torally different, but they have a lot of plans for the place. One is The hotel, cafe and restaurant but they also arrange big parties like weddings, autumn party, special dinners like “Barbecued Pig” dinner etc..

The enclosed garden made me fall in love with the place. Unfortunately I had no time to hang there in the evening… But a drink, some music and this must be a magic place.

I had granola, yoghurt, freshly baked buns, some cake, fruit, cheese, ham and some other things for breakfast. The restaurant is very nice and bright.

We also had these as a nice ending to the breakfast. In Danish they are called Flødeboller, it is a very nice cream puff from the local bakery.

The rooms are being updated, but they are big and spacious. And this was my evening view! In the end of the road you find the beach.

What you can do in the direct area:

Husby Klitplantage is partly a pine forest and some hilly dunes with beech, dune grass and lots of other trees. If you are lucky you can spot some roe deers or a tower falcon.

The Marens Mave dune lies on the edge of the forest areas and the dune heath in the western part of the plantation. There you have a fantastic view of the wild North Sea, the Nissum Fjordand and Husby Klitplantage!

You also have a quite shallow swimming lake called Skavemossen, and by the lake there is a pick nick and barbecue area.

You also have marked walks for bike, riding and running in the area.

Another option is the wildlife reserve, Vest Stadil Fjord Vildtreservat. It is a big open flat area where you find many different kinds of birds, otters, roe deer and Natterjack’s.



Text and photos Malin Nordblom

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Hej, tack för att du läste! /Malin