Steamed onion with puffed quinoa

Whole baked fresh onion with onion quinoa, chickpea emulsion and raz el hanout

Prepare this some days before!

100% lemon

2 lemons


Use a fork to prick holes through

the skin of the lemon about ten times.

Put the lemon in cold water and cover with a lid.

Change water after 4 days and leave another 5 days in fridge.

Cut into wedges and blend until super smooth in a blender (this will take a few minutes on high speed).

Keep in fridge or freeze for later use.


Some Sea salt

8 Fresh onions with greens

1/2 dl Chickpea or pea liquid

2,5 dl Corn oil

2 teaspoons 100 % lemon

Cut the green part of the onion and slice finely.

Cover the bottom of a tray with sea salt.

Put the onion in the tray with root part directed down.

Cover with a lid and cook in oven on 200 oC until the onions reach a core temperature of 93 oC.

Remove from salt and let them cool.

Cut in half and season with olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.

Blend the chickpea liquid and 100% lemon. Add corn oil slowly and season with salt and pepper.


Onion quinoa

400 grams quinoa

3 Tomtoes

4 teaspoons parsley

8 onion greens, all of it

1 teaspoon chopped fresh garlic

3 teaspoon Raz el Hanout spice

8 teaspoons puffed quinoa

Olive oil


Black pepper

Cook quinoa according to instructions on the package.

Add grated tomatoes, blanched green onions, parsley and raz el hanout.

Season with salt and pepper.

Arrange with chickpea emulsion in the bottom.

Add warm onions, quinoa and finish with plenty of puffed quinoa.

The recipe was created by Paul Svensson at a Electrolux Green Gap lunch to show us how we can use more sustainable cooked greens everyday! Because we need to learn how to cook more plant based food, and not just talk about it!

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