Madbar in Hanstholm at the Danish West Coast

There are places where it feels like you have been there before, Madbar is one of them. People advised Louise Möller to not open an restaurant at this location. Not sure why, because they have this million dollar view with an front ocean view and then they have Louise. She is running the place with lot’s of passion and she is cooking, playing music at an old record player and is super chatty. We also found out that we have a common friend! Madbar was a success from day 1 so they decided to open aother place, Agger Darling. Hanstholm Madbar have now been open for 2 years, and everyone just loves this place. The seafood is simple and tasty! No fuss, all cooked with love! Another plus is that they only serve local beers, I like to keep things local. They actually cook everthing except the fries, rye bread and burgers at Madbar! 

We wen’t for a seafood lunch at Madbar, and it was just right! None of us wanted to leave! Here is a flounder with a homemade tartar mayonnaise and Caviart made from seaweed. If you go here, try this! And then a classic Moules Frites with aioli and french fries. I also had a fab ceviche with squids, shallots, red pepper and coriander, you can see it at the top picture. The funny thing is that they thought they were not going to sell any mussels here. But in the first 8 months they were open they actually sold 2 tons of them!!

Their record collection is epic for ab old DJ as me:)


So what else, oh yes there is more about this place… You can also spend the night here. There is rooms, and even small apartments that you can rent. Some of them are facing the ocean. 61748737_10157246333701322_7688720131106537472_n.jpg


Hanstholm Madbar

Helshagvej 98

7730 Hanstholm




Thank you Lousie! I will try out Agger Darling the next time:) 


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