Finlands Independence Day

I had the great honour to be invited to the Finnish Embassador Liisa Talonpoika’s beautiful residence to celebrate Finland’s Independence Day. There were champagne, both with and without alcohol. And a lot of nice food like Karelian pie’s that is sold everywhere in Finland. They are made with rye dough and stuffed with rice porridge. Often served with munavoi, a butter and hard boiled egg mix. Recipe to be found at my blog today! There were so many nice people like Elna from the Finnish Embassy and a person I forgot the name of from the Danish Embassy. The beautiful building is from 1730, and was remodelled into what it looks like today between 1740-1769. It was inherited by the 10 year old Charles de Geer in 1730, and is called De Geer’s palace. It has a lot of it’s old interior and paintings intact and it is a really beautiful building. It has belonged to Finland since 1940, and it used to be the Finnish Embassy before it became the Ambassadors residence.

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