The worlds most sustainable wine

Food Pharmacy and Lohas Vinedos invited me for the launch of the world’s most sustainable wine. With food it is today more and more possible to get all the information about were and how it is produced.But the wine makers haven’t really had the opportunity to do so due to lots of rules and regulations. (Or in some cases because they aren’t interested) So I happily went to find out more at Food Pharmacy’s new studio. My thought was that this is probably pretty good as Lina and Mia hosted this.So how is this different to other sustainable wines, well the wine tastes pretty good! It is the kind of wine that you can actually drink quite a lot of, and that can be a good thing or a bad thing that is up to you. Tasted a bit of red berries with rounded tannins. I would say that it fits perfect with lamb, stew but as well to just sit and sip it. And I had it with 5 vegetarian dishes, and that was great too. So what do I wanna say with this? It actually works with everything. But what do I know I’m not a sommelier, but I do like wine! The label both contains what is actually in the wine and the thumb print of the projects wine activists Pepe Raventos and Chelsea Hoff. As well as the label is made out of a more sustainable paper the bottle is made out of lighter glass. They have also removed the foil around the cork! In the old days it prevented against rodents, but there is no need for this today, and some winemakers have stopped using the capsules today! Great initiative I think! But one of the most important things Lohas has thought about is the transport of the wine. Lohas is probably the most sustainable wine in the world, and I hope that many more follow in their steps! Cheers to that! Thank you for a very excellent lunch! It is always a joy to hang out with you!!

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