Fåfängan in Stockholm

I was invited by a fellow Foodie for a Christmas lunch at restaurant Fåfängan in Stockholm. And I havent been here in the winter ever so it was a new experience. We started with the cold cuts, and in my case I filled my plate mostly with herring and salmon. All good so far. Except I might have eaten to much.. Because then it was time to try out the next part, I had meatballs, sausages, ribs, different kinds of meat, egg.. And so much more. You might ask yourself, how will she be able to have dessert! Well, as you might heard the dessert goes into a totally different stomach.. So I happily went for some dessert with the girls. We filled the plates, had some coffee and continued chattering. I have to say that this place is really great to visit. You can either take a walk up the hill, and that might be good if you are going to eat a lot as I did. Or just take a taxi all the way up. The view over Stockholm is spectacular except I didn’t get a great shot of it. Next time..

This is a very classical Christmas table with a great choice of food. I didn’t go for wine, I had “julmust” a Swedish Christmas soda that I am obsessed with. I have to say that this is really good value for money, depending on when you visit the price is 395-595 kronor.

Fåfängan restaurant, Klockstapelsbacken 3, Stockholm

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