Whiskycocktail med choklad

Gillar du choklad och whisky så är detta en cocktail för dig! Whiskycocktailen är gjord på Talisker 10 years och en choklad och kaffesockerlag. Riktigt god med en kladdig chokladkaka, eller för sig själv. Jag blev serverad whiskycocktailen till desserten på Rutabaga under en whiskyprovning. Hoppas det smakar!! Ingredienser 1 cocktail 5cl Talisker 10years3cl choklad … Fortsätt läsa Whiskycocktail med choklad

Campari Tonic, en klassiker

Campari Tonic, en klassiker som jag faktiskt tänker skriva upp receptet på här eftersom ibland kan det vara bra att ha om man vill ha lite inspiration för vad man ska bjuda på för drink! Personligen älskar jag att den har en lätt bitter ton av Campari, men att den samtidigt är riktigt fräsch i … Fortsätt läsa Campari Tonic, en klassiker

Monkey Mind gin cocktail

Monkey 47 gin cocktail är en gin cocktail som blandas med Monkey 47 gin. Monkey 47 är en av mina personliga ginfavoriter och kommer från Tyskland. Monkey Mind är en riktig mingel eller före maten cocktail. Det känns lite extra festligt ofta att bjuda på en cocktail när man har gäster. Ingredienser Monkey Mind 40 … Fortsätt läsa Monkey Mind gin cocktail

Glöet Wine Christmas Party

Dominika invited me for a nice Christmas party at her place together with Anette and Juha, the founders of bubbly Glöet. Glöet is not a Glögg (Glühwein) or a bottle of sparkly wine, it's a mixture of both of them! for me that is really perfect because I like bubbly drinks and I like Glühwein. … Fortsätt läsa Glöet Wine Christmas Party

Mackmyra distillery

This is were the first distillery were, today they make their gin there. This is were it all started 20 years ago. Eight friends from college where on a ski trip and they all brought along some whisky. There and then they realised, why is there no Swedish whisky? So they decided to start a … Fortsätt läsa Mackmyra distillery


INGREDIENTS: 20 ml Talisker 30 ml Ruby Port 10 ml lime juice 20 ml coffee & polypody sugar Dried polypodium   INSTRUCTIONS: 1, Mix all if the ingredients in a shaker. 2, Strain all of it over a large ice cube in a coupette glass. 3, Garnish with polypodium powder. INSTRUCTIONS COFFEE AND POLYPOD SUGAR … Fortsätt läsa COFFEE AND POLYPODIUM COCKTAIL

Scandinavian Detours

I went on a trip to Fiskebäckskil and checked in at Slipens Hotel. After a coffee I jumped on a boat with the fisherman Björn to go to the island Flatholmen for a Talisker lunch. It is a trip arranged by Brygghuset and Talisker, Scandinavian Detours. You can experience it yourself June 28-29th or August … Fortsätt läsa Scandinavian Detours


Greek wines, most people don't think much about them. And many haven't even tasted. Kir-Yianni is the winemaker behind the Assyrtiko, which is a beautiful white from Greece. It goes really well with the Skagen we had the other day. I would recommend it with fish, like a nice piece of salmon. Or a sunny … Fortsätt läsa Assyrtiko

Chinese New Year

So it is now the year of the pig. We celebrate the Chinese New Year every year with a nice dinner at our house. Photo Malin NordblomI am not chinese, but my daughter is. And I lived there for nearly 7 years. So that's why;) This year I made 6 different dishes, and it took … Fortsätt läsa Chinese New Year

At Hernö Gin

Up North in Sweden there is this Brewery making gin that just get's all these prizes all the time! I went there with a nice group of people to try out their gin and see their factory. The table was set nicely!! Served with a gin cocktail by Emil Åreng Thanks! Great visit!! Your distillery … Fortsätt läsa At Hernö Gin

Monkey 47

Some more pictures from the beautiful distillery of Monkey 47. Hidden away in the Black Forest in Germany, you find the most beautiful distillery. Monkey 47 that is. When you go there you have no clue as you follow the little roads leading to this fantastic place!( by appointment only!) The Monkey 47 gin is … Fortsätt läsa Monkey 47