Mackmyra distillery

This is were the first distillery were, today they make their gin there.

This is were it all started 20 years ago. Eight friends from college where on a ski trip and they all brought along some whisky. There and then they realised, why is there no Swedish whisky? So they decided to start a whiskey company in Sweden! During the first two years they tried out several small batches. And after two years they had two recipes for this first Swedish single malt whiskey. Magnus Dandanell is the CEO of Mackmyra, and one of the founders. As they outgrew the first distillery, they built a Gravity Distillery. It is actually the worlds most climate friendly distillery! The distillery today is 35 m tall. It makes use of gravity during the process of the whiskey, and they also save 50% energy this way! They start the feeding of the malt up on the top floor. Everything gets grated twice in the malt mill! And then it’s milled into different milling grades. It takes about five hours to make the mash at the 5th floor. At the third floor they have the fermentation room. There is 12 fermentation tanks, with a capacity of 9000 litres each! From each mache they retain 8000 litres off wort. The fermentation process takes around four days.The second floor they do the distillation in copper pots.

And it’s time to sort out the “heads” 😂,that is the foreshots and consists of unusable alcohol. That is followed by the “heart”, and that is what is used in the casks. The last part is called the “tail”. The tail is low in alcohol and gets back to the intermediate tank. That is the whiskys “body”.
The spirit from the middle tank is run to one of the two storage tanks in the new-make spirit store. It is then mixed in 4-5 batches before diluted to 63%. It is then filled into casks and matured in one of the maturation warehouses.I also meet the charming master blender Angela d’Orazio. She has been master blender of Mackmyra since 2005, and she has worked with whiskey since she was 30. Angela is most passionate about her whisky. Her favourite whiskys from Mackmyra is Fjällmark and Bruks. Together with Jarno Kartela from Fourkind and Microsoft, she is the nose behind Mackmyras new whisky. The worlds first AI whisky, Mackmyra Intelligens AI:01!! It was just released, and you can only order this limited whisky online at

Text and photo Malin Nordblom
Fab Foodie Swede
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