Prosciutto di Parma

Some lunches are a bit better then other lunches.  Prosciutto di Parma had arranged a lunch with Mattias Larsson at Matstudion in Stockholm. The lunch had the vibe of a big Italian family dinner. We had wine and we had so much good food. and obviously all of the dishes were perfectly paired with Prosciutto Di Parma ham. I actually didn’t know the difference between the different Italian ham. I did know that it had to be made out of Italian pigs from a certain area, but a big factor is also the salt, the air quality and the time it takes to make it is a big factor in how it tastes. In Sweden people eat traditional Swedish ham for Christmas. I’m my family we eat Prosciutto Di Parma. (We used to live in Shanghai for a really time, and this is what my kids like. And I;) Mattias had cone up with so much fantastic food. The recipe for the aubergine down below is added here to my blog. Enjoy!!©Text and photos Malin Nordblom

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Om Malin Nordblom Mat och dryckesskribent, receptkreatör och ibland även kallskänka/kock i köket på KSLA i Stockholm. Har ena foten i Sverige och den andra i Asien. Nyfiken, alltid hungrig och har gärna ett glas med något gott i handen. Spenderar mycket tid i köket med att hitta på nya recept och de som blir bra postar jag här.


  • Bryan Burt 5 november, 2019 at 16:17 Reply

    At the private club I worked at we brought in a lot of prosciutto di parma and prosciutto di san daniele. Shaved thin it is so beautiful and how it just melts in your mouth is pure magic. these places you visit are simply wonderful, I hope to visit Europe one day.

    • Fab Foodie Swede 5 november, 2019 at 16:22 Reply

      And if you are in Sweden give me a shout

      • Bryan Burt 5 november, 2019 at 16:23 Reply

        Absolutely We will, thank you


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