Café Koya

This is truly a great cafe for all study Ghibli fans, or just anyone who likes japanese cakes. I had a Matcha crepe cake. And it was so delicious, even if I am not the biggest matcha fan. But I nearly licked it all up! My friend didn’t like it at all. But a chocolate cake also caught my eye, so I need to try that one too! They serve different kinds of tea like Bubble tea, matcha tea and different kinds of hot tea. Coffee is also an interesting option as they only serve speciality coffee, and they change the brands every now and then. Right now they are having Mutely & Jack.

The interior is nice and bright, with lot’s of japanese cartoon characters all over the place. And as I am a big fan of Totoro this place is great as there is so many things that will catch your eye. They also hold workshos at the cafe sometimes if you are interested of cosplay, anime and manga.

Cafe Koya

Gästrikegatan 3, Stockholm

Subway: St Eriksplan

Hej, tack för att du läste! /Malin