INGREDIENTS: 20 ml Talisker 30 ml Ruby Port 10 ml lime juice 20 ml coffee & polypody sugar Dried polypodium   INSTRUCTIONS: 1, Mix all if the ingredients in a shaker. 2, Strain all of it over a large ice cube in a coupette glass. 3, Garnish with polypodium powder. INSTRUCTIONS COFFEE AND POLYPOD SUGAR … Fortsätt läsa COFFEE AND POLYPODIUM COCKTAIL

Monkey 47

Some more pictures from the beautiful distillery of Monkey 47. Hidden away in the Black Forest in Germany, you find the most beautiful distillery. Monkey 47 that is. When you go there you have no clue as you follow the little roads leading to this fantastic place!( by appointment only!) The Monkey 47 gin is … Fortsätt läsa Monkey 47