Nespresso Secret Breakfast

En helt magisk tidig morgon med Nespresso på Malmgården, Vita Bergen i Stockholm. Nespresso bjuder in till sina ”Secret Breakfast” på olika ställen i Stockholm. Jag får ett sms tidigt på morgonen och får då reda på vart jag ska bege mig. Den här gången var vi inne på Malmgården i deras växthus. Det var väl värt en timmas cykeltur klockan sju på morgonen!

Nya Nespresso Vertuo smaker

Så vi fick prova deras två nya smaker Aged Sumatra och Costa Rica. Just Aged Sumatra passade mig perfekt eftersom den hade mycket smak, och den passade väldigt bra med lite mjölk tyckte jag.

Adam och Albin stod för frukosten som bestod av en massa gott som briocher kanapéer, frukt, granola bowl och mycket mer. Det var en väldigt inspirerande morgon på vackra Malmgården! Jag fick i mig en espresso och en latte till maten, cyklade sedan i full fart hem till Lidingö igen!

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Daniel Berlin

Daniel Berlin is running a 2 star restaurant in Skåne Tranås with his own name.
He worked at a few other restaurants before he started his own place, Gastro in Helsingborg, Petri Pumpa and Torso Twisted in Malmö. I asked him some questions:

Do you prefer vegetarian food, meat or fish?
– Vegetarian. Running a restaurant I feel responsible to get people to eat more vegetables.

What are you most proud of?
– Without any doubt that I opened up this restaurant.

Is there any food you don’t like?
– I do not eat too spicy food, but that depends on situation. And I don’t like food that doesn’t fit in at the moment, and if you’re at a nicer restaurant it’s important that the food goes with the restaurant. It should be a total experience of food and place.

Do you use cookbooks?
– I don’t use them but I look in them.

Your favourite food country?
– France.

Could you tell us the best food experience you ever had?
– My first visit to Noma in 2007 was the first big food experience I ever had.

What gives you inspiration?
– Tomas Dreinjing (atPetri Pumpa in Malmö)  inspired me a lot. But everyone that works at the restaurant, my family, life, well everything that’s around me actually inspires me.

Your favourite kitchen gadget?
– That must be my tasting spoons. I am tasting so much different food and I cannot live without them.

What would you like to learn to cook?
– I would like to cook seafood better.

Do you have any good story from the restaurant?
– Sometimes we get a power cut in the winter. And then we all wear headlamps at the restaurant, and all the guest are gathering around the fire. It’s a fantastic experience and totally different to anything else.

Interview and photo by Malin Nordblom

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Text and photo Malin Nordblom

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