Restaurang Allegrine

På Restaurang Allegrine hittar man det franska köket med en svensk knorr. Stämningen är härligt avslappnad och man sitter verkligen i händelsernas centrum. Mysigt, gott och lite mörkt, jag drömmer mig bort till Frankrike på en bakgata i Stockholm när jag sippar på ett glas rött. Allegrine drivs av Danyel Couet och Sebastian H Thuresson … Fortsätt läsa Restaurang Allegrine

El Rincon de Alberto

A must if you go to Logroño, and it is located in the Calle Laurel area. You can hang out enjoying some nice wine and ham. Or go for the full food experience. This is probably the best restaurant in Logroño, and the owner Alberto is very service minded! I had lot's of different dishes, … Fortsätt läsa El Rincon de Alberto

Zacapa Solo Dining

I spent last night eating an excellent 3 course dinner with some fab cocktails by Michael Hajiyianni from Ruby's in Copenhagen, Denmark. So eating alone, why? You have way more time to reflect over the food if you experience it alone. I had headphones on during the whole meal and a woman was talking about … Fortsätt läsa Zacapa Solo Dining


This is my favourite lunch place at Lidingö. It is situated very nicely at Lidingö, and its perfect to take a walk first and then go for a lunch or fika. Today we went for a meatball lunch here. And they are extremly nice! I normally never eat meatballs when I'm out at restaurants. But … Fortsätt läsa Långängen

Punk Royale

En av de mest annorlunda restaurangerna du kan hitta i Stockholm ligger på Folkungagatan på Söder. Du hittar även Punk Royale i Köpenhamn och Oslo. Så namnet kan ge dig en ledtråd om vad du kan förvänta dig, en rebellisk restaurang med en massa galna serveringar. Jag fick till exempel ta på mig några blå … Fortsätt läsa Punk Royale

Shanti Classic

Real Indian food in Stockholm?!? Yes, Shanti has some locations. But my favourite is Shanti Classic. The chef is great, and so is the food. When you are eating Indian food, then you should order some different dishes to share. (According to the Indian way, and mine;) There is some musts at this restaurant. The … Fortsätt läsa Shanti Classic

Restaurant China

Is a real chinese restaurant in Stockholm. After 7 years in China, I like to get some good chinese food every now and then. And I'm really happy when I don't have to cook it myself. At China they even have a Beijing duck owen, I haven't tried it jet, but everyone that has say's … Fortsätt läsa Restaurant China

Ohana J’s in Cocoa Beach

Real american feast at Ohana J's in Cocoa Beach, Florida. The place has good service, is clean and are serving good sized portions of American food. The Quesadillas are really good!! I can totally recommend this place if you are up for this type of food. The only downer was their cocktails. They were not … Fortsätt läsa Ohana J’s in Cocoa Beach

First Flight

This is where Pan Am had their first office, and where the first ticket were bought for the first flight with Pan Am. A trip between Key West and Havana, Cuba the 28th of October 1928. A Sikorsky sea plane The restaurant is serving good American crossover food in a very nice lush courtyard. (You … Fortsätt läsa First Flight

Rosetta Bakery

This is an awesome Italian bakery with several locations in Miami. The pastry is made the real way, and tastes totally divine. Real berries, good custard, and yes I have to say that I'm hooked. And working for a food magazine that is not often it happens. Rosetta will be a place I always will … Fortsätt läsa Rosetta Bakery

Nytorget 6

I was the guide at a Food Tour at Södermalm in Stockholm today. Great fun! I had a group from Norway, and I think I did pretty well even if it was my first tour I talked on all stops nearly. My colleague Gunilla did 2 of the stops. One of the stops were at … Fortsätt läsa Nytorget 6

Moderna museets restaurang

Yesterday I was invited with some others to cook with Malin Söderström, the head chef at The Modern Museum in Stockholm. We got to make the same salad that will be served at Sthlm Food & Wine the 9 - 11 th of November. There will be a Chef's Restaurant with different famous Swedish chefs … Fortsätt läsa Moderna museets restaurang

Restaurant Selma

I meet Magnus Pettersson's mother Monica in Stockholm the other week, and promised her to try and visit Magnus restaurant Selma in Copenhagen. The restaurant is recommended by Bib Gourmand / Michelin! So I brought my danish best friends there for lunch. It's a very relaxed atmosphere at the restaurant, even if it was packed … Fortsätt läsa Restaurant Selma

The Silo

The Silo is a former grain silo located just by Nordhavn’s waterfront in Copenhagen. And lucky me, my friends live there. So after dinner we just went up there to have some cocktails. And they didn't disappoint us! But next time I've gotta eat there. I know that they have some great chefs there. Both … Fortsätt läsa The Silo

Swedish Pastry Chef of the year

Yesterday Disa Molin won the Swedish Pastry Chef of the year in Stockholm!! It was two very exciting days before they finally decided who would win. Franciane Tartari had an allergic chock, and as fast as she was done she had to be rushed to the hospital. I have never seen anyone be as stubborn … Fortsätt läsa Swedish Pastry Chef of the year


Waipo är en kinesisk fusion restaurang som ligger i MOOD gallerian i Stockholm. Många av rätterna som serveras är kinesiska eller har en kinesisk touch. Helst beställer du in många rätter precis som i Kina och delar på dem, och på det viset får ni uppleva fler rätter. Men det beror ju på vad ni … Fortsätt läsa Waipo