Real Indian food in Stockholm?!?

Yes, Shanti has some locations. But my favourite is Shanti Classic. The chef is great, and so is the food. When you are eating Indian food, then you should order some different dishes to share. (According to the Indian way, and mine;)

There is some musts at this restaurant. The Palak Paneer is made by the chefs and it is so good! It is a indian cheese in sauce. Served with veggies and rice.

And of course some tandoori chicken or a Korma. And… Well the list is long, just order a bunch of food!

And have a beer with it.


Sauces and rice. The key to the Indian food.

Shanti Classic

Katarina Bangata 58, Stockholm, Sweden

Food Tours Stockholm

Yesterday I went on a Food Tour in Vasastan. And as I am not so familiar with Vasastan, that is a perfect way to learn.

We started off with trying out the taste of wine in different kinds of glass. Oh man, what a difference it is!!

At Österqvist Delikatesser I had the best ham ever! It’s not cheap, but worth every penny! We also gotta try the award winning cheese, Klostertahler.

And then it was time for tea, at Dear Tea Society. This is a place where they have a big knowledge of tea. And to my big surprise they treated us with two Pu Er teas!! Which is my favourite!

Good chinese, even for me that lived there for nearly 7 years. Hurray!! It was just like in China, I will go here again. That’s for sure!

After 2 drinks at Erland’s we took of for Shanti Ultimat for some really fresh Bengali food. Very tasty, and the service was top notch!

Last stop, coffee and a vegan carrot cake at Systrarna Andersson. The coffee they serve is superb! And all the buns looked fab! A very nice coffee shop, and great service!

Systrarna Andersson, Karlbergsv 45

Shanti Ultimat, Karlbergsvägen 70

Lilla Kina, Sankt Eriksgatan 97

Dear Tea Society, Hälsingegatan 2

Österqvist Delikatesser

Odengatan 84, and in Hötorgshallen

Öl & Vin magasinet, Karlbergsvägen 20