Zacapa Solo Dining

I spent last night eating an excellent 3 course dinner with some fab cocktails by Michael Hajiyianni from Ruby’s in Copenhagen, Denmark.

So eating alone, why?

You have way more time to reflect over the food if you experience it alone. I had headphones on during the whole meal and a woman was talking about the food in them when I got each dish,and then there were some nice music that I listened to during the meal. So I didn’t hear any noise around me, and it was actually very nice.

The food was really good and there were two great female chefs that had come up with all the dishes that would go well with the Zacapa cocktails.

As a starter I had Weever with a salad, lemon dressing and grapefruit granité on top, with a Zacapa 23 drink with champagne, lime, grenadine, cynar and salt.

As a main there were coco beans, Zacapa 23, tagliatelle, quail and scorzonera. And a nice drink made with Zacapa 23, coconut, Terrago wine, Geranium cordial and a touch of Peach Bitter.

And the dessert was smashing too! Olive oil ice cream, frozen persimmon, a semmolina cake and a drink with Zacapa Negra, Cognac, Creme de Menthe and absinthe.


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