Koh Tao in San Sebastián

Great place for your coffee fix, a nice drink, some food or why not one of their homemade cakes. A lot of people also sit her and work as they have free wi-fi. I think it is more interesting to sit and watch people and enjoy my coffee, but I am just a visitor here … Fortsätt läsa Koh Tao in San Sebastián

Rosetta Bakery

This is an awesome Italian bakery with several locations in Miami. The pastry is made the real way, and tastes totally divine. Real berries, good custard, and yes I have to say that I'm hooked. And working for a food magazine that is not often it happens. Rosetta will be a place I always will … Fortsätt läsa Rosetta Bakery

Espresso House

At Espresso House in Lund, the town where it all started. Both for Espreesso House and me. They started in 1996 by Charles and Elisabeth Asker. And nowadays there are 400 shops, and EH is sold. I still go there sometimes, I especially like their chocolate balls and the cheesecake caramel. And the shops nowadays … Fortsätt läsa Espresso House

L’Avventura studio

I was invited to the Nespresso Vertuo launch the other day at newly opened L'Avventura studio. The food was amazing, and it all had a Coffee touch in it! Nice table setting Look at those veggies, standing in coffee beans. Great table I loved the carpaccio And the New Nespresso Vertuo was easy to handle! … Fortsätt läsa L’Avventura studio


Me and some of my neighbouring friends are having breakfast together every now and then. Today Reena hosted the breakfast, and it was really nicely set up on her tableware from Indian Good Earth.  That I just love, thanks to my Belgian friend Sarah that used to live in New Delhi. We had nice yoghurts, … Fortsätt läsa Breakfast

Pain Chaud

Pretty packed little coffee shop, a nice mix of very cool Shanghaiers and expats. Great cappuccino with yummie baguettes. (And yes I had to grab a bite before I took the photo..)  If you are lucky you might get a seat, if not just bring the food. 27 Yong Kang Lu