Art Bakery i Stockholm

Jag hade glädjen av att introducera den brittiska mat och resejournalistiken Yasemen Kaner-White till både Princessbakelse och Estellebakelse igår när hon hade ett kort stopp i Stockholm. Princesstårtan dök upp för första gången i ”Prinsessan kokbok” som utkom 1948, och publicerades av prinsessläraren Jenny Åkerström. Tårta kallades först För Grön tårta, men fick namnet Prinsesstårta … Fortsätt läsa Art Bakery i Stockholm

Rosetta Bakery

This is an awesome Italian bakery with several locations in Miami. The pastry is made the real way, and tastes totally divine. Real berries, good custard, and yes I have to say that I'm hooked. And working for a food magazine that is not often it happens. Rosetta will be a place I always will … Fortsätt läsa Rosetta Bakery

Pain Chaud

Pretty packed little coffee shop, a nice mix of very cool Shanghaiers and expats. Great cappuccino with yummie baguettes. (And yes I had to grab a bite before I took the photo..)  If you are lucky you might get a seat, if not just bring the food. 27 Yong Kang Lu

Green and Safe

A lot to choose from. I picked a plate with 3 different salads. So you can choose from around 10 different salads, either a big plate or 3 different. And a home made lemonade, wich is really good here. We were lucky to get some of the few seats outside. Where you can look at … Fortsätt läsa Green and Safe