Daniel Berlin

Daniel Berlin is running the 2 star restaurant in Skåne Tranås with his own name, Daniel Berlin.
He has worked at a few other restaurants before he started his own place, Gastro in Helsingborg, Petri Pumpa and Torso Twisted in Malmö. I asked him some questions:

Do you prefer vegetarian food, meat or fish?
– Vegetarian. Running a restaurant I feel responsible to get people to eat more vegetables.

What are you most proud of?
– Without any doubt that I opened up this restaurant.

Is there any food you don’t like?
– I do not eat too spicy food, but that depends on situation. And I don’t like food that doesn’t fit in at the moment, and if you’re at a nicer restaurant it’s important that the food goes with the restaurant. It should be a total experience of food and place.

Do you use cookbooks?
– I don’t use them but I look in them.

Your favourite food country?
– France.

Could you tell us the best food experience you ever had?
– My first visit to Noma in 2007 was the first big food experience I ever had.

What gives you inspiration?
– Tomas Dreinjing (atPetri Pumpa in Malmö)  inspired me a lot. But everyone that works at the restaurant, my family, life, well everything that’s around me actually inspires me.

Your favourite kitchen gadget?
– That must be my tasting spoons. I am tasting so much different food and I cannot live without them.

What would you like to learn to cook?
– I would like to cook seafood better.

Do you have any good story from the restaurant?
– Sometimes we get a power cut in the winter. And then we all wear headlamps at the restaurant, and all the guest are gathering around the fire. It’s a fantastic experience and totally different to anything else.

Interview and photo by Malin Nordblom

The interview was first published in Swedish at https://gourmet.se/gourmets-snabba-fragor/daniel-berlin/

Text and photo Malin Nordblom

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