The worlds best cheesecake!?

Everyone probably has eaten cheesecake, but this is a cheesecake unlike any other cheesecake. And it will have you travel back to the old town of San Sebastián in Spain again! La Viña’s Tarta de queso is sinful and creamy, and it has no real crust. When I first looked at it, it didn’t look that impressive just like a nice homemade cake. And then I tried it, and oh my! Pure magical! A taste explosion that is so rich and fantastic and unlike any other cheesecake! WOW! It has a blackened top and is surrounded by some burnt parchment paper. In the inside you find a center of the creamiest cheese custard you ever had! It is something you have to try when you visit San Sebastián, and then you will dream about it forever! Thank you Helle for introducing me to this fantastic cheesecake!

La Viña

31 de Agosto Kalea 3

San Sebastián