San Sebastián Gastronomika

I do not think there is any place in the world where you can watch this many Michelin star chefs at stage the same time as in this fantastic Basque food festival. A big bonus is that Gastronomika is taking place in the beautiful city of San Sebastian just by the Biscaya Bay. This vibrant beautiful city is having a vibe of food and drink everywhere you go. Well what is more important than eating and drinking?Joan Roca presented some of their exciting dishes up on the stage.

This year the festival is commemorating the 500th anniversary of Juan Sebastián Elcano’s circumnavigation of the world for the first time. They have invited chefs from countries which was crossed by the expedition, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Chile and Argentina. The food festival is bringing together the different kitchens that the sailors got to experience during their expedition crossing the world.So Sau del Rosario was one of the most moving persons up on stage when he shared his life experiences. His passion for food, life and animals is just amazing! He let us try his dish “Sisig” which is a thrice cooked pork snout, ears and pork cheek. Invented in his hometown in the 70s. First it is simmered, then broiled and at last fried. Seasoned with soy, a local lemon called Calamansi, vinegar, lots of onions and chilli. The different chefs up on stage showed the process of making some of their dishes. And then we had samples of them. All the chefs did the small dishes behind the scene in an enormous kitchen. Here is Kevin Cherkas from Cuca at Bali with one of his chefs from Bali. The food I tried was fantastic, and I will visit his restaurant when I go there in December. He created some fantastic dishes up on stage! Talk about an explosion of magic flavours!

More to come from Gastronomika in San Sebastián.

Text and photo Malin Nordblom

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