Strandingmuseum St George

A museum that is telling you everything about the shipwrecks at the coast of West Jutland, and the stories around it at land.
The anchor above was cast from St George to avoid propulsion towards the Danish West Coast a Christmas Eve morning 1811. But it didn’t work as the anchor cables snapped and the anchor disappeared into the sea! But 182 years later the 4 ton anchor was caught in a net by skipper Vagn Thygeson when he was fishing prawns. The inscriptions and the arrow disclosed that the anchor came from HMS St George that originally came from Portsmouth. HMS St George was one of the biggest warships in the Royal Navy at that time!Another fascinating find was all the porcelain that they found when some Danish divers started to salvaging artefacts. I got stuck looking at all the old porcelain for a really long time. Trying to imagine how it was at the ship at that time.

The crystal chandelier was bought in Sweden and destined for someones home in England. 

The lost rudder is also at display, they have built the museum so that it can fit in! It is an impressive 12 meters tall and weighs over 5 tons. All the exhibitions at museum contains so much interesting material and remnants from the ship. There are technological stations and lots of different exhibitions to activate your senses. 
At the top of the museum there is a tower where you’ll get a view over the harbor and the North Sea. I had a guided tour, and I would recommend that as then you really get all the stories and facts.
The newly renovated museum was designed by Frank Maali and Gemma Lalanda from Copenhagen and opened up to the public in 2017.Photo of the museum: Colin Seymour

Strandingsmuseum St. George
Vesterhavsgade 1E, Thorsminde, Denmark

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