My love, My Shanghai…I am fortunate to have lived in this fantastic city twice. It was not easy when I moved into a big old 5 storey lane house in 2002, from a tiny apartment in Stockholm. We lived in an area where there were no foreigners, and my chinese was very poor! I remember a day when it was around 40C and very humid, and I had all doors opened to get some air. Suddenly all my neighbours were in the house looking into my cupboards, trying out the bed. Why, well they were curious. And so were I, so I looked into some of their houses. All the neighbours were so kind, and now when I am off to Shanghai again in a few weeks time then I will visit my first neighbour hood again. And my last neighbour hood;) So this post is mainly a teaser about what will happen here in a few weeks time. As you see on my pictures, there will be plenty of food, pretty buildings and a lot more.. Because even if I am not chinese, there is nowhere I feel at home as here. Since I was very young I have always been sitting with my legs crossed, I am born the 1st of October and my name if you separate it is a common chinese name.

Bild och text  © Malin Nordblom

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Hej, tack för att du läste! /Malin