Trattoria Ai Due Platani outside Parma, Italy

If you go to Parma this place is a must to visit! It is located in Coloreto just a few kilometers outside Parma. The trattoria has been in business for 5 generations and this is exactly how I imagine really good traditional italian food in a country trattoria.

Why you might ask.. First of all it is , it is very pretty and picturesque. Both the surrounding, as the classic italian interior. And for me it is not only the food that gives me an experience. It all has to come together, like at this restaurant.  As I eat out a lot, I might be picky. But I actually don’t think so. But the food has to be made in a good way, the raw produce should be out of good quality. And if you then add some chefs that knows what they do, then you really get a ful on experience! And at this place everything was totally perfect! Great cold cuts like Parma ham, Parmigiano Reggiano, freshly made pasta, hand made gelato, risotto, wine etc.. You get the picture? Sitting down with a bunch of other people who really loves food really gives me goose bumps if it is at a place like this! And the interior is just right!The ice cream machine is from the 50’s, and they make gelato twice a day. One for lunch, one for dinner. It is served with your choice of goodies from the trolley. I had a dulce sauce, zabbaione and hazelnuts! Not sure how I could eat it all! But it was just so good!They have a really good wine collection. 

Ai Due Platani

Strada Budellumgo


43123 Coloreto, Parma

Phone +39 521 645626

You can go here by bike or car.