Breakfast by the locals

Breakfast buffet at Hotel Kung Carl in Stockholm. They are sourcing nearly everything locally for their delicious breakfast.

And the the beauty with it is that every Best Western Hotel is having their own local delicacies at their breakfasts table. A theme called ”Meet the Locals“.

So at their breakfast buffet I had cheese on my bread from Elfviks Gård at Lidingö where I live.

Ramson sausage to die for;)

And a fantastic Ramson sausage from Carlströms and lots of other locally produced food. I had smoothies, chia puddings, nice Coffee and a lot of other stuff. I wish I didn’t have to stop eating..

And then we have the interior. A very nice decadent interior at this old hotel in Stockholm’s city centre.

A perfect place to stay at. I wish I could! The rooms and the location are amazing!

Address Hotel Kung Carl, Birger Jarlsgatan 21, Stockholm, Sweden

City View from the hotel room. Located just at Stureplan with shopping, restaurants, and close to everything.

More info:

Hotel Kung Carl

Text och bild ©Malin Nordblom 

Hej, tack för att du läste! /Malin