Walpurgis evening

Normally it's an evening where you eat with your friends, and then go to the bonfire and sing in the spring. Yesterday we weren't allowed to have bonfires where we live because it was to dry. But we had a fantastic meal with some friends. In the old days we had the bonfires to scare … Fortsätt läsa Walpurgis evening

Polarprize dinner

Some of the press was invited to try out the Polarprize dinner at Grand Hotel in Stockholm. And Gabriel Ask, the Executive Chef of Grand had really composed some amazing food! Lucky PolarPrize winners!! As a bonus my friend Mumlan is in charge of the event together with Marie Ledin. So it was a treat to … Fortsätt läsa Polarprize dinner


A lunch where we talked about foraging and trends in the food world. Extremely interesting, and the food was amazing. It was some students from Grythyttan that cooked for us. Foraging is searching for wild food resources. You should never take more than 20% of what you find, never pull up the roots, and make sure … Fortsätt läsa Trends

Dinner at our place

We had some friends over for dinner, and Lars was in charge over the starter. Carpaccio, an old classic that we haven’t eaten for 10 Years. I wonder why, it is so nice!! He added parmesan, ruccola and olive oil. And lots of pepper. As a main, chicken in the owen with jus as they … Fortsätt läsa Dinner at our place