Magic with Miele

Henrik Norström was cooking a full lunch with Miele's Dialog oven. The first trick he did was the fish cooked in ice. And the fish got cooked, and the ice didn't melt! Magic? For me it is, but this is how it works. The oven sends electromagnetic waves through the fish (or anything else). So the … Fortsätt läsa Magic with Miele

Brisket and Friends

If you go here, you have to eat their Burnt Ends!! Don't forget it! And when you have done that, then your addicted to them. They are a bit spicy, I downed them with a soda and their house beer. Brisket and Friends has really succeeded I. getting a real American flavour in all the … Fortsätt läsa Brisket and Friends

Penny and Bill

This bar/restaurant is situated at Östermalm in Stockholm. The place is dark and cozy, and very inviting! The gang working there is very service minded. I haven't eaten there, but if the food is as good as their fabulous drinks. Then it's great;) We had several different drinks, and all were good. I just love … Fortsätt läsa Penny and Bill