Magic with Miele

The perfectly cooked lamb!

Henrik Norström was cooking a full lunch with Miele’s Dialog oven. The first trick he did was the fish cooked in ice. And the fish got cooked, and the ice didn’t melt! Magic? For me it is, but this is how it works.

The oven sends electromagnetic waves through the fish (or anything else). So the oven calculates the energy that is needed to cook each ingredient and then it is delivering the precise amount to cook it all totally perfectly!

So why doesn’t the ice melt, the electromagnetic waves can not communicate with the ice, just the fish.

I recommend you to read more about it at Miele’s webpage. I’m totally blown away!

And I’m also blown away with the Swedish top Chef Henrik Norström’s food at the event!

Henrik with the Fish in ice!

And we had a raspberry soufflé, and they were all made in the oven at the same time.

Soufflé and a very nice coffee in my favourite mug from Villeroy & Bosch. The perfect ending to this magic lunch! And I wish I had an oven like this, because then I would be way closer to be the perfect at home chef.

Just look at the beautiful set up too!

The salmon was cooked in a really interesting way. At one side it was cooked, at the other raw.

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