Central Market San Blas in Logroño

In the middle of the city centre you find the Food Market, Central Market San Blas. It is open from 7.30 am until 8. But is closed during the siesta 14-16.30.  I always try to visit the markets in every country I go to, I’m more interested in that than other things. This was a great little market. I bought lot’s of different cheese with me home. And they could Vacuum pack it at the market. And I got 3 different kinds of jamon (ham). So what else did I fill my suitcase with:) Beans and onions. The onions taste so much better when they are from a warmer country.

He sold me the most delicious ham. And a lot of it! I brought home 800 grams of it.

Address: 1, Calle Sagasta, 26001 Logroño, La Rioja, Spain

Av ©Malin Nordblom

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