Sebastian Pettersson

Sebastian Pettersson is a member of the Swedish Culinary Team who has taken gold and silver with in the Culinary World Cup. I did a short interview with Sebastian: Why did you want to become a pastry chef? -Actually by chance. I have always been involved a lot with music before, but I felt like … Fortsätt läsa Sebastian Pettersson

Culinary Olympics Swedish supporters

I just wan’t to share some of all the pictures of the people that were supporting the Swedish teams during the Culinary Olympics. It is fantastic to participate, and the teams really appreciate all the support! Norway had most supporters in Stuttgart, but Sweden had a big bunch too. And it is special to cheer … Fortsätt läsa Culinary Olympics Swedish supporters

Sebastian Pettersson

Sebastian is one of the team members of the Swedish Culinary Team that just competed in Stuttgart and got a silver medal! Here is a short interview with Sebastian: How come you decided to be a pastry chef? – I have always been interested of music, and been very much into that. And I wanted … Fortsätt läsa Sebastian Pettersson

The Swedish Culinary Team

The team shared their theme for the upcoming Culinary Olympics 2020, Closer. With that they wanna be closer to the producers and the raw produce. In the food world in Sweden we always talk about where the food comes from. It is as important as how it tastes, that it has been produced in a … Fortsätt läsa The Swedish Culinary Team

Kronärtskocka med en smörig sås och tomat

Ett recept som resulterar i en helt fantastiskt god kronärtskocka med en smörig sås, tomater och lite annat gott. En perfekt förrätt, eller som del av en måltid med många små rätter. Ingredienser 4 portioner 4 kronärtskockor1 schalottenlök1 morot5 kvistar färsk timjan1 msk salt1 dl matlagningsvin, vitt2 skivor ljust formbröd, eller annat ljust bröd200 g … Fortsätt läsa Kronärtskocka med en smörig sås och tomat

The swedish Culinary team

That won the World Cup, invited some people for some bubbles today at their camp at the Electrolux HQ. So I gave them some Gourmet mags, had a nice time chatting with them and took this funny picture! They will soon start practising for Stuttgart 2020! Let's hope for gold again! The middle trophy weighs … Fortsätt läsa The swedish Culinary team

The Swedish Culinary Team

Yesterday I had the pleasure of looking and cheering at the team during the hot kitchen part of the competition. I went there with Cederroth Firsth Aid Sweden. And we were a big group of supporters. No other team had as many. I hope it helped them;) At least they reached gold level yesterday!! Frida … Fortsätt läsa The Swedish Culinary Team