Sebastian Pettersson

Sebastian Pettersson is a member of the Swedish Culinary Team who has taken gold and silver with in the Culinary World Cup. I did a short interview with Sebastian:

Why did you want to become a pastry chef?

-Actually by chance. I have always been involved a lot with music before, but I felt like learning something new during my high school years. And here I am.

What is most fun with working in the restaurant industry?

– That you get to work with what is your biggest passion!

Your biggest merits in your opinion?

-The World Cup Gold with the Swedish Culinary Team in 2018.

What is your favorite food country?


What inspires you?

-Other driven chefs and confectioners in the industry.

Which dish is best to seduce someone with?
– Freshly made ice cream.

What kitchen utensil can you not be without?

– The kitchen scale.

Who has been the most important person for you to succeed?
– Fredrik Borgskog without any doubt.

What is your best food memory?
–Once had a fantastic dinner in the French countryside with local produce and wines. Magically!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
–I would like to run a restaurant with friends from the Swedish Culinary Team.

What must be on your Christmas table?
– A soft gingerbread cake.

Sebastian and I during the Culinary Olympics 2020 in Stuttgart.

Text and photo Malin Nordblom

The interview was first published in Swedish at


Om Malin Nordblom Mat och dryckesskribent, receptkreatör och ibland även kallskänka/kock i köket på KSLA i Stockholm. Har ena foten i Sverige och den andra i Asien. Nyfiken, alltid hungrig och har gärna ett glas med något gott i handen. Spenderar mycket tid i köket med att hitta på nya recept och de som blir bra postar jag även här.

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