Culinary Olympics Swedish supporters

I just wan’t to share some of all the pictures of the people that were supporting the Swedish teams during the Culinary Olympics. It is fantastic to participate, and the teams really appreciate all the support! Norway had most supporters in Stuttgart, but Sweden had a big bunch too. And it is special to cheer for the chefs that you know and support! Well done everyone, both supporters and chefs!

Me and Karin rocking the Swedish colours
Lilian in the middle
Listening to team manager Fredrik
Fredrik Andersson, the Swedish team manager
Leading the Swedish supporters
Sebastian Pettersson from the Swedish team, with his biggest supporters. His parents!
Thilda Mårtensson, competing and cheering! One of Sweden’s most brilliant young chef’s.
Joppe and Karin
Nina, me, Sebastian and Karin
Nina the knife;)
Me, Karin, Alexander, Ola and Nina
Well, I am partly Danish;) So over and out! Have a great day!