Culinary olympics

I had the joy the visit the Culinary Olympics in Stuttgart as a guest. It was full action day and night. And to be able to feel and witness the contestants competing is amazing. The morning started with getting a nice Sweden top, and a scarf. You have to show off your colors!

So what is going on all these days, and what is it? There are around 2000 chefs competing, and I think that it is the competition with most chefs competing in the world. It is also the oldest Culinary competition in the world. There are several competitions, and some teams are competing in each category every day. Sweden had their Culinary Team that got silver, the Junior Culinary Team that won, Skåne Kulinar , Stockholm Culinary came 2nd, Team Sodexo came 3rd and Fazer Culinary Team came 4th! So it was great seeing all of them competing!

Pastry making by the Swedish Culinary Team.
Cherry glazed chocolate mousse filled with cherries and caracracalin disc, Skyr ganache, lemon curd, tonka glazed fresh cherry, white chocolate cake with cherries and almonds and a salt caramel sauce by the Icelandic Culinary Team. I wish I had another one of this!
Sweden’s starter, Baked Turbot with green pea puree falvoured woth Horseradish. White wine sauce, Vendace roe, oyster salad and turbot mousseline topped with watercress emulsion. Magical!

So I had a ticket for one dinner the night the Swedish Culinary team competed. And we shared by my table. So I got to try Iceland, Sweden, Germany, Scotland and Mexico. Unfortunately not Norway’s as they competed another day. And Norway won so it would had been fun to try it out as Sweden’s were really good. So It must have been amazing.

Skåne Kulinar, from Southern Sweden. That’s were I’m from. but I live in Stockholm. So I was holding my thumbs for both teams!

I love walking around looking at all the chefs in their kitchens. Some are so concentrated that they look like they will explode, some look up and pose and most of them just really concentrate. It is really impressive to watch them all!

Another competition is the cheese and fruit carving. I am so impressed with their skills!! Just look it!

By Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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