The Swedish Culinary Team

The team shared their theme for the upcoming Culinary Olympics 2020, Closer. With that they wanna be closer to the producers and the raw produce. In the food world in Sweden we always talk about where the food comes from. It is as important as how it tastes, that it has been produced in a good way. Food that is produced by passionate farmers that has the knowledge always tastes better. I have a good feeling about how it will go for them in the Olympics. They are driven, they have the knowledge and they are a great gang! And for once Anders was allowed to sit down and talk for a while. The lunch started off with some oysters from the Swedish West Coast. They were extraordinary! A nice tartare..Celeriac from Wåhlstedts with roasted cabbage bouillon and lentils from Gotland. Amazing! And it was all made from their leftovers from their training! I wish my leftovers looked like this.. And a fantastic blueberry parfait with Cream Anglaise made out of meadowsweet and some oat and millet. I honestly felt like licking that bowl.. but I did behave trust me I’m Swedish😉Just before I left I had an alcohol praline with Absolut Kurant. Really cool, and it popped in my mouth. This is definitely on my list of learning how to do this.Thanks for having me! Go for gold! You all rock!

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