Haga Schweizeri

Yesterday I was invited to the opening of Haga Schweizeri in Stockholm. I had a full on menue, and it was a really great start of the day!In the old days the Swiss pastry chefs opened up some places in Sweden were you could have liquor to your coffe, they were called Schweizeri. As I was here 8.30 in the morning I skipped that part. But I can see myself here some afternoon with some bubbles and a nice plate with a sandwich or some of their mini pastries. They will serve a full on afternoon tea style platter with the most delicious pastry, smörrebröd, homemade marmalade, cheese from Brostorp and much more. And their caketails are magic!Haga Schweizeri is runned by Anna Cardelius and Oscar Målevik who already run 2 other bakerys. Haga Schweizeri

NK departement store

Hamngatan 18-20, Stockholm

Haga Bakery

Hej, tack för att du läste! /Malin