Indian Garden

Karim Rezaul started Indian Garden in 2002. And he has won 2 different British Curry Award! So people from all over the world are coming to Sweden to eat his Indian food!

I have lived in London and Asia, and I had my fair share of crappy Indian food. But I have had some really good one too. And Karim’s food belongs to the later. Some of his dishes is really amazing! And even my critical kids likes his food!

The secret is in Karim’s herb mixes. And it’s one of the things he got rewarded by the first time at the British Curry Award! His curry mix!

What should you eat? My advise is that you share the dishes at the restaurant, or order a Thali plate. (Mixed platter.)

Their Daal Soup is great, its a lentil soup, the Chicken Tikka Masala is a must (for me) and have some Paneer. It’s a homemade cottage cheese.. That’s my favourites.

Don’t forget the Naan! It’s a must;)

So where can you find Indian Garden?

My favourite restaurant is the one at Västgötagatan 18, Stockholm. They have an open Kitchen, and the restaurant is big.