Explorer Vodka Shots

Sometimes it is nice to welcome the guests a bit differently. And that's what I did in the weekend. With some vodka shots! Normally I do my own shots and cocktails, but these were a good alternative! The Shaken Shots has a ginger vodka base and then different natural flavours. I loved the rhubarb one. … Fortsätt läsa Explorer Vodka Shots

Vodka and great food at T8NG

  Trying out some really nice vodka drinks yesterday by Virtuous Vodka at restaurant Tong in Stockholm.  The drinks were fabolous, and Tong is magical. I feel like I’m back home in Shanghai at that restaurant. So we tried all the different flavours of the vodka. And there are six; original, raspberry, ginger, Chili, vanilla … Fortsätt läsa Vodka and great food at T8NG