Opening of San Sebastián Gastronomika

Fantastic opening of the San Sebastián Gastronomika at the Cristobal Gastronomika museum in Getaria. At the picture with some the gang from our table. Helle from Norway, Olga from Moscow and the two super chefs from the Michelin restaurant Disfrutar; Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch.They are also at the 9th place of the worlds 50 best restaurant!
Started the evening with wine, oysters, Iberian ham, steak tartare, Gamoneu cheese, cod with peppers and much more. And anchovies of course! The dinner was created by different chefs and I was seated at a table where restaurant Elkano was creating the food. And it was pure magic! They are famous for their chargrilled turbot, and we had that as a part of the meal. And now I understand why, so tasty! The technique they use at Elkano is based on techniques that the local fishermen’s used to use. Aitor Arregi told me that to serve a great turbot you have to be close to the fish, and it has to be freshly caught. He also thought us all around the table about how you can be able to see the age of the fish by counting the rings, just like you do with a tree except that you count the rings of the otoliths. This turbot was 3 years old. Fish soup that is made just like Arregui’s grand mother used to make it. It has a really powerful smell and flavour! I downed it really quick! So good! The dessert was made out of a chocolate shell with an inside of apricot. Nice textures combined with the flavours. Elkano is at the World’s 50 best restaurants and they have a Michelin star. They are situated in the little fishing village of Getaria. RRestaurant Elkano

Herrerieta Kalea 2

20808 GetariaOver and out, pic of the Nordic Girls as we were namned by the guys from Disfrutar;) Thanks !

Hej, tack för att du läste! /Malin