Beautiful Logroño is the capital of the La Rioja region in northern Spain. The city itself is a fantastic place to visit with its cobblestoned roads, beautiful old buildings and all its fantastic food and wine. Another thing you can’t miss here is to go tapas hoping it the old town. See my other posts;)One of the most famous buildings in town is the Church of San Bartolomé that is the oldest church in town. It dates back to the 12th century! And according to a text written at a wall in the church it was completed in 1508. It’s Bell tower was built as a part of the city wall and you can climb to the top of the tower to have a really good look of the city. As I didn’t have enough time I only walked around the city booking at all the beautiful buildings. Another must is to visit the market and buy some cheese, ham and veggies. For wine, why not go just outside the city to visit the Campo Viejo Winery.

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