Svinkløv – The Food

I obviously had some expectations when I was going to Denmark to try out Kenneth’s food. Because he is the guy that won Bocuse d’Or 2019. But I had also read that he didn’t want a Michelin star, he wants a restaurant where everyone can come and eat and enjoy. A five course dinner is only the 649 Danish kroner so that everyone should be able to come and eat. If there was a one in front of the six, it would still be worth it! The food was amazing!! And so was the service.

We started off with some bubbles, and some of their own 18 month Old dried ham. The pigs are from Cold Hand Winery in Randers. And Kenneth started in 2014 to cure ham, but was not totally satisfied in the beginning. But today he is proud, and it was so tasty!

The first course was a grilled brill with a edible flower bouquet with fresh herbs and an aromatic spinach! The plating was like a piece of art, and it was nearly sad to eat it. But I did, and it was outstanding!!!

The green asparagus with tempura, a soya mayonnaise and pickled jalapeños actually gave me tears in my eyes! It was like a magic taste explosion with a very nice texture! This was one of the best things I’ve eaten in my life! And it shows how a simple thing like asparagus can be transformed into something magic by a talented chef!

Tartar of local beef with crisp fried Jerusalem artichoke and Parmesan. Another great dish, but after the others I sort of expected it! North sea cod and glazed beetroot salad, lardon and horse radish. This dish was good, but all the others were extraordinary! If I had it without having all the others first, then I would have loved it. But this dish didn’t stick out in the way the others did.

But the desert did! We all loved it! It’s a shaved mint lime granita and lemon verbena with a dark chocolate ice cream, delicious chocolate nibs from Tanzania, toffee and cookie bits and edible flowers. This desert was really something and we all made funny noises while eating and praising the delicious dessert!

A dinner is no fun without some great company and the English gang and I had a great evening!

Do I recommend Svinkløv? I Do! And I respect and enjoy the fact that they are using locally sourced ingredients as much as they can.

If I was handing out stars and glitter, then they would get 10 ⭐️ for the food, and 10   for the ambiance and the environment!

And a 5 course menue is only 649 Danish kroner.

Svinkløv Badehotel. Svinkløvvej 593. Svinkløv


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