Kokkedal Castle

I checked in at Kokkedal Castle half an hour from Copenhagen when I went to celebrate one of my best friends birthday.
The Hotel was first built 1746, but only the cellar is left from that time today. It was rebuilt 1864, and has been a hotel since 2011 when they totally renovated the place first.I lived in the one of the old buildings beside and the room was nice. We weren’t informed that we were going to live there, and had booked a room at the castle. So that was a bit disappointing. Everything was really pretty here, but there was actually another problem too.. The AC made a very big noise every 20 minutes the whole night. So unfortunately I didn’t get much sleep. We had a discount when checking out, but that didn’t really help actually. (And as it was 35 C in the room we needed the AC on) I don’t like complaining on things, but this was a real downer! The area is fantastic, you can play boule, Crockett, borrow bikes or just stroll around. Or why not just relax a bit..The Breakfast was really great, the service was on top and their scrambled eggs were just like I want them! And I really recommend a visit, but ask about the AC when you book…

Kokkedal Allé, 62970 Hørsholm, Denmark

Phone +45 44 22 80 00

Kokkedal Castle

Bild och text  © Malin Nordblom

Insta; @fabfoodieswede


Hej, tack för att du läste! /Malin