Tivoli in Copenhagen

Tivoli is located just opposite Copenhagen train station. It is literally just 20 meters to the entrance!
Tivoli dates back to 1843 when Georg Carstensen was granted permission to open Tivoli Gardens by the king. He had taken inspiration from abroad, and the guests loved the exotic gardens. One of the rollercoasters at Tivoli dates back to 1914 and is one of the worlds oldest rollercoasters! Another interesting fact is that Walt Disney visited Tivoli several times for inspiration before opening up the original Disneyland in 1955.

I visited the 83000 square meter park to eat and let the kids go on the rides this time. And to enjoy their Halloween celebration. A big plus here is that they have really high class restaurants here too, so you can actually enjoy what you eat! Today we ate Italian food at Mazzolis. Good pizza, charcuterie, risotto etc. It was actually all good except their Arancini. They didn’t do it for me.. And a must if you like pastry is to have some nice pastries at Cagenhagen! They are great! The place is full of rides, shops and food in all different categories. And they are famous for their concerts and shows!

Text and photo Malin Nordblom

Fab Foodie Swede

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