Oysters, seals and champagne!!

So what do they have in common you may ask me.. I went on a Seal safari tour at Limfjorden at the Danish West Coast, and got to experience all of it in one trip! First of all we found some seagull eggs. We didn’t pick them, but it is a delicacy according to many. The egg yolk is much darker in colour, and they are very good as scrambled eggs. But at this tour we were looking for oysters by the reef. And we found some really nice oysters! And they were super delish! Chresten opened them for us. And we had them Chrester’s way with some winegar and lemon, and straight. The Danish oysters are very sought after, and most of them are exported! The water is so clean and beautiful.

Michael treated us with some champagne to go with the oysters!

Sitting on a boat at Limfjorden with a glass of bubbles and eating oysters is one of these really extraordinary experiences. And then listening to Chrester and Michael telling you about the seals, crayfish and everything you can find at the beautiful Danish West Coast. And then we took of to see if there was any luck with the cages they had thrown in the day before. And we found some nice crayfish, crabs and little fish. The smaller crayfish and fish we threw back into the sea again. We only needed a few for the dinner in the evening.

Brave Colin still has all his fingers left;)

We also saw a lot of grey seals, which can weigh up to 300 kilos! They were swimming towards us, and they so beautiful! Unfortunately I didn’t catch them on a picture. Battery was out…

If you want to book a seal safari or pick some oysters, here is the link.

Jyllands Akvariet

Chrester and Michael are taking care of all boat tours. And their knowledge about the sea and wildlife in this area is enormous.