Meung-Sur-Loire is located just 30 minutes from Orleans and about 2,5 hour from Paris. And it is located just by the river. The river itself is popular by people on kayaks or paddle boards.

Right now it is probably 30 C in the river! But be careful of it’s currents!

So what to see in this little picturesque town?

I have been to Le Château de Meung-sur-Loire for a party some years ago, and it was pretty amazing. I would recommend you to visit and join all those memorable visitors. One of them was Jeanne d’Arc in 1429 after her victory in Orléans!

The oldest still existing parts of the Château dates back to the 12th century! The Château was built by Manassès de Seignelay (bishop from 1207 to 1221) It has been rebuilt, it has been hosting all sorts of people, it’s been taken over by the brits, been a prison and lots of other things! And there is still some medieval torture instruments instruments to look at in the dungeons..

And just beside you find the Collegiate Church of St Liphard, a church that was built between the 11Century and finished in the 13Century.

And don’t miss out on the Sunday Market. The streets are full of fruit, cheese, vegetables, hats etc.. And it is so much fun to buy food there!

The Rotisserie at the market, doesn’t it look good!

But take a stoll through the city, have a coffee or a glass of champagne and just look at all the beautiful buildings. Feel the atmosphere in this beautiful old town.

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