67945477_10157429716281322_259755851080794112_n.jpgVisiting Flow Festival is as something you do as much for the food and art as the music. But there is more to it than that, this year they are really concentrating to create a sustainable festival. It is actually one of the first festivals in the world to compensate its carbon footprint!


  • Zero carbon footprint
  • Green electricity
  • 100 % reused materials
  • Sustainable Meals
  • Smart transportation
  • Protecting Baltic Sea
  • Equality
  • Safety and accessibility

They calculated the total size of the carbon footprint of the festival production and then compensated their footprint! But obviously it is not enough to just compensate. So they made sure that they had vendors that served ecologic meals at the festival. Most of the energy used were Neste MY Renewable Diesel™ and they also used electricity powered by wind power. In addition to that they used biodegradable cutlery, all furniture and decorations were recyclable and reusable. And there was much more!For every bottle or glas you ordered you had to deposit 1 euro, that you could get back or deposit. And for every deposit that was made Reaktor planted a tree that is removing one ton of C02 from the atmosphere!!! I ordered champagne,  and I had some delicious high quality tap water in my glas every now and then. By drinking tap water, everyone reduce plastic waste and their carbon footprint. And the tap water in Helsinki is really good!I am not vegetarian, but I eat a lot of vegetarian food always. I don’t really think about the fact that it is vegetarian or not. I just want good food! The FLOW festival had chosen vendors that favoured organic and local food. There were a competition among all the food vendors at the festival who could make the best sustainable and delicious meal, and my pick actually won! 67966825_10157428489316322_6830455789849673728_n.jpgIt was restaurant Kuurna that won and I had some locally produced chicken and a Caramel Popcorn Oatmilk from them. That meal was really amazing! So I will certainly visit their restaurant next time in Helsinki! Congratulations!!69065754_10157428489221322_4492970055759298560_n.jpgThe Finns are really hands on! Here are the facts, let’s do it! Now I just hope everyone else will follow! Both at Festivals, but in all choices you do!Apparently the festival had about 30.000 visitors each day, jet it didn’t feel crowded. And all the visitors had to commute by train, bus or bike. There were no parking! The light installations at the festival really impressed me. Everywhere you looked there were something to look at, either art, some performance or fab light installations!Neneh Cherry really owned the stage. There were artists like Solange, Nitzer Ebb, Robyn.. My personal favorite were Neneh Cherry!This is my reflection of the festival, would I go again! I certainly would! And especially with Hjarle that was with me until the end! He was great fun! Thanks for taking photos of me!

By Malin Nordblom

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Hej, tack för att du läste! /Malin