Covid situationen i Sverige

Jag blev ombed att skriva om hur vi har det i Sverige just nu för ryska Posta Magazine. Detta är den engelska texten som översattes för dem.

Posta magazine, scrolla ner för min del av artikeln.

Och här är texten på engelska:

Malin Nordblom
Food and travel writer
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In Sweden today all restaurants are open again, but there are several rules and regulations that they need to follow. If they don’t follow them the restaurant need to shut down, but most of them are first given a warning. There are inspectors going around looking at the restaurants to see that the regulations are followed.
There have to be space between the tables and the guests and no queues are allowed.
Preferably everyone should be served by the table or take away, buffets are only allowed if there are no crowds. Most buffets have tape at the floor to make sure people are keeping a distance.
People are not allowed to stand drinking or eating in bars.

The regulations also impose requirements on the food business operators to tighten up their hygiene practices and introduce specific instructions to staff on how they can work to prevent the spread of infection.

Many top restaurants are offering set menus now. And nice take aways, you can order really good food as take away.
But obviously many restaurants have big problems as they can’t have so many visitors, and even Michelin restaurants like SAV has closed down.

Hotels are open, but many of them were closed during the first months of COVID. But people are checking in at hotels again, even if they aren’t full. I stayed at a hotel 3 weeks ago in Stockholm and there were several guests from other countries. The nice thing is that most people are keeping a distance, but obviously not everyone..
The hotels are having their restaurants open again, and people are struggling to get it going again.
Public gatherings and public events with more than 50 participants are not allowed, like concerts, tivoli etc.

Some museums are open and open-air alternatives like Skansen are open, but they can not be crowded and exhibitions that are held in smaller rooms are closed. They have markings on the floor to make it easier to keep a distance at the queues, and no groups are allowed.
All lectures, screenings, studio activities and booked group shows are canceled at the museums.(the once I know)

Public transport is in operation, but people are advised to not use it if they don’t have to.

Swedes in general are good at keeping a distance, most of the time..

There is a entry ban in place for non-essential travels to the EU via Sweden until 7 July, but travel from another EU country, a country part of the EEA, UK and Switzerland to Sweden is possible.

Av Malin Nordblom

Instagram @fabfoodieswede


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