Whisky tasting

I have always liked a good whisky, so it was a great joy to experience a whisky tasting after a day out at the sea.I am very fond of Oban, Lagavulin and Laphroaig, but after this tasting I learned that I really like Talisker and Mortlach to. And the weirdest thing, if you sip on a Mortlach 16 or 20. And then on the Mortlach 10. Then the Mortlach 10 tastes of liquorice. Totally not intresting at all, but I liked it. I liked all of them, except the most sold one. Johnny Walker.Sorry Johnny;) Mattias that held the tasting was very educated. And to have a tasting in Brygghuset Whisky room was pretty amazing because I have never seen so many different Whiskys at the same place before.



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