Nolla Cabin

Neste has built a cabin together designed by the Finnish designer Robin Falck at Vallisaari Island just 20 minutes from Helsinki. I had the joy to spend some time here with Sirpa Tuomi that told me some more about the project. As I am very interested of how we all can live a more sustainable lifestyle this was very interesting! The only way to cook a meal at the cabin is at the little stove! And even if the earth consists of 70% water, only around 1% is available for human consumption. So checking in at Nolla Cabin,  you need to bring the water you want to use when you stay there. But there is a possibility to take a swim in the sea to get clean. And when you need to cook in a minimal way, then you need to think about what you eat a bit more.. The cabin has a protective screen so that it doesn’t get to warm inside. And all the energy is entirely renewable from solar panels. The cabin is built so that you can take it appart and move it if you want. And it is built in an easy way so that if something breaks, then you can repair it easily.

There is a small green house with vegetables that you can use when you stay in the cabin. And you can pick berries in the woods.Talking to Sirpa made me really think about the way I live. I am always trying to live a bit better. And this is something we all need to think about! Because we all want to be able to see this beautiful sea in the future, don’t we!

Easy steps is to choose renewable energy, waste less plastic, food and everything else! Bring a bottle to fill up with water. And a cup if you wanna buy take away coffee.

Obviously there is a 1000 things we can do, but start with something small and then continue! Because we are running out of time!

Photos and text Malin Nordblom

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